The fishing line menace

Fishing line cutting into a pelican’s leg Photo: R. Goonan

 It’s holiday time and (sustainable) fishing is part of holiday fun. But please remember a few important points when you are fishing. Our wildlife, in the water and in the air are killed, inadvertently, in large numbers each year, by people fishing.


TAKE any old line and tackle home with you

NEVER feed seabirds

AVOID using unattended lines.

If you ever hook a bird or see an injured or entangled bird call the WA Seabird Helpline on 0418952683 or Wildcare helpline on 94749055 – immediately. One of their dedicated volunteers will try to help the damaged bird.

South of Cottesloe main groyne

Dreadful damage to the legs of a white ibis Photo: R. Goonan

My friend Rowley Goonan is a Seabird Rescue volunteer in QLD. Read this article to find out more about Rowley’s astonishing dedication and the amazing work that he and others do.


Pelican by Cottesloe main groyne

Pelican by Cottesloe main groyne