Terrific Tree Day

National Tree Day Planting Team

Sunday was National Tree Day and we had a terrific turnout at Vlamingh. More than 50 people helped  us plant over 700 plants in our new nature discovery space. Perth NRM and Town of Cottesloe organised the event and the weather, which was brilliant.

Intense concentration as Kate demonstrates planting


Cottesloe Cubs were great workers

We had great help from the Cottesloe Cubs, a team of energetic workers who sorted themselves into planters, counters and suppliers and planted 200 plants and then mulched their patch.

The Rotary Club of West Perth also supplied muscle and experience and lots of community members of all ages came along. A really satisfying and productive end to our planting season.

Friday was National Schools Tree Planting day and boys from Christ Church Grammar school gave us a head start by planting more than 300 plants. Thank you boys!

You can read more about our nature discovery space here.