Scotch College beach walk

  On September 3 a group of Scotch College Year 9 students met up with Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers to collect rubbish at South … [Read more...]

Battered by storms

Thirteen boys and their teacher battled the elements for an hour on a Monday morning (June 29) to work on dune rehabilitation. They were Year 8 … [Read more...]

Dinosaur pine

The enthusiastic team of Year 8's from Scotch College and their teachers joined some CCA volunteers again on Tuesday 12th August at Grant Marine Park … [Read more...]

Scotching weeds

Which plants are weeds? How do they get here? Why do we only plant local Cottesloe plants? These were some of the questions we discussed … [Read more...]

Scotch College boys flex their muscles

On August 22nd Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers were pleased to be joined by sixteen Year 8 students from Scotch College and their teachers, Lisa Evans … [Read more...]