Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2018

Glinting Rock, Swirling Fish, Subtle Fossils, Hidden Seed, Feral Cats and Cockatoos.

Up to 20 Volunteers from Cottesloe Coastcare have been selling Catalogues for the past thirteen years at the Annual Exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe.  It is a spectacular display of over 70 Australian and International artworks allowing intimate, close-up experiences – most of the sculptures can be touched, several can be entered and some reflect the viewer in multiple, magic ways. This year  strong environmental messages were manifest:   20  cleverly constructed kites in the form of our threatened Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos were flown as ‘flash mobs’ in the large space before a semi-circular wall of 72 curved, reflecting mirrors.

You can see the black cockatoo kites in this photo. Also CCA’s project site with good local vegetation in the background! (click on photo for clearer view)


Chris Greenwood and the Carnaby’s Cockatoo Action Group kite ‘flash mob’.









Incredibly life like black feral cats roamed under a tree in the grass raising awareness of a disaster of our own making .

Mikaela Castledine
15 Feral Cats

Subtle fossils in sandstone from a petrified Indian sea bed, evoked our ancient past, also an enigmatic seed embedded in chicken wire.

Close up of ancient sandstone from India with tiny marine fossils.


Harsha Vardhan Durugadda’s ‘Fish Love’










‘Seed’ by Sally Stoneman

Our continuous rebirth and  mesmerising colourful fish swirling inside a steel dome our marine magic.

Swirling Around by B.Jane Cowie

An insider view of ‘Swirling Around’.








Tourism WA invited the celebrated conceptual Chinese artist Zhan Wang to create his sensational Floating Rock made from stainless steel coated in chrome. Its highly textured, scintillating surface lured swimmers out into our bay for closer encounters with this fascinating mystery.

By volunteering for the immensely popular community event [over 200.000 visitors come every year to Cottesloe during  the three weeks of the exhibition], Cottesloe Coastcarers contribute  in kind to the funding so that it can be free for all to see.  We love being part of it so much that we have become known as the smiling, cheerful  local faces to the visiting public.

And  throughout the year at all our functions and events we serve the wine donated to us for our efforts.

Zadok Ben David ‘ Sunny Moon’


Sunset over Tania Spencer’s ‘Inspired by Rosie’

(text Frauke Chambers, photos Robyn Benken)