PwC planting with Coastcare

Planting has started for 2013 and we got off to a great start with an excellent team of volunteers from Pricewaterhouse Coopers who gave us a day of work! We have had fantastic support from PwC for several years now and this year all our seedlings have been paid for by a donation from PwC. Where would we be without the excellent support of all our partners!


The sun shone and we planted approximately 500 local provenance seedlings at Cottesloe Native Garden, beside the Seaview golf course. CCA has worked in this area for 6 years and there have been wonderful improvements. The site was dominated by Victorian Teatree and virtually no local species will grow in the thickets. Each year a small section of weedy tea trees are removed and plant species, local to the site, are planted in their place. We are delighted that some very special plants are re-establishing, including our local  yellow leschenaultia and the pretty pale blue silky scaevola.



Peter, one of the hard working PwC team sent this note for our blog:

On Monday 27 May 2013 a team of 20 volunteers from PwC had the chance to shake off the weekend cobwebs and help out the Cottesloe Coastcare Association (CCA) in the Cottesloe Native Garden, located adjacent to Seaview Kindergarten in Cottesloe.

The garden is an oasis for many native plant species and the team worked diligently throughout the day to plant a variety of shrubs and trees to assist with the rehabilitation of the area and help preserve this valuable flora.

Although there were a few stiff backs at the end of the day, it was a fantastic chance for the PwC team to help out in the community and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A big thank you to Robyn, Kate and the team from CCA and we hope to see you again soon!

Thanks again,

Peter Christie
Financial Assurance- Accountant