Animals of the Cottesloe Reef Fish Habitat Protection Area by L.M. Marsh

Cottesloe Coastcare Celebrating 20 years. Read our article that was published in Coastlines Spring 2015 – page 14.

Cottesloe’s Sense of Place by Vicki Woods.  (2008). Outlines what is special about Cottesloe, written for the Enquiry by Design process that was held in 2008.

Fishing Line Menace by Rowley Goonan

Indigenous Significance of Mudurup Rocks, Cottesloe by Ken Macintyre and Dr. Barb Dobson (2014).

Mudurup – History in the Rocks by Mike Gregson (2013)

Now and Then – Local history story on Grant Marine Park by Robyn Benken

Red eye wattle (Acacia cyclops) by Robert Powell

Seadragon Protection in Western Australia by Robyn Benken with follow-up Article in the West Australian and Department of Fisheries letter. (2010)

Seaweeds and seagrasses of the Cottesloe area by Dr Anne Brearley

Sustainable successful and responsible fishing in the fish habitat protection area by Brett Donovan

Verge plants for Cottesloe by Robyn Benken

Weedy Seadragon campaign success by Robyn Benken (2011)

Booklets and pamphlets

Birds of the Leighton Peninsula is an illustrated guide to our local birds of the land, river and sea. Free copies are available from the Grove Library.

Create a coastal ecosystem on your verge – planting local plants will attract birds and animals, save water and look great.

Grow local plants – Town of Cottesloe – Part 1 and Part 2. A planting guide showing native plants that are especially suitable to Cottesloe gardens. Cottesloe residents will be getting a copy in their letter box in April/May 2008. Note: when printing scale the page size to A4.

Planting guide. A short cheat sheet on how we plant on the dunes.


Connecting land, shores and oceans. 4th WA State Coastal Conference. Report by Robyn Benken and Frauke Chambers, 2007.

Cottesloe Coastcare 2016. All about Cottesloe Coastcare – what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Cottesloe Natural Areas Management Plan. Ecoscape (Australia) Pty Ltd. 2008. The NAMP provides a framework to guide the management of Cottesloe’s natural areas over a 5 year period.

John Black Dune Park – a report by Robert Powell 2006.

North Cottesloe Coastal Management Plan 2005-2010. Ecoscape, 2005.

A Preliminary Assessment of Water Resource Environmental Management Issues Associated with the Fresh Groundwater Lens on the Cottesloe Peninsula by S. Appleyard, 2004

To bag or not to bag? – that is the question by Robyn Benken, 2007.

Annual General Meeting

2018 AGM 22nd July 2018:



Annual Report 2017/2018


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Schools reports

Cottesloe Primary School – April 2007


Slides of presentation by Hans Lambers on the Mineral nutrition of native plants on the Swan Coastal Plain on 16th May 2013 at our AGM.