Progress at our new project

You will see from the attached photos that we are busy at our new foreshore (Coastwest funded) project at the bottom of Napier Street.You can read an earlier posting about the project and funding received by CCA. At present Ben Croxford of ‘Nuts About Natives Nursery’ at Karnup is growing plants for us, as is Apace Nursery in Fremantle. Jan and I delivered local provenance seed to Ben last week, you can see Jan and Ben at the nursery. Dave Taggart, our herbicide contractor has been spraying  recalcitrant weeds – these will remain as dry mulch on the site. Sue, Jan and Kate are pictured busily removing seed heads from Rose Pelargonium to, (as much as possible) stop yet another generation of weeds.  Behind Sue and Kate you will note the large mass of Victorian Teatree which has for years dominated the site. It provided a great home to rabbits and limited the growth of many of the local species that we will now return to the site next winter. Another photo shows the area today, after Town of Cottesloe staff have removed the Tea Tree, using chainsaws, but not disturbing the fragile site.

Kate Sputore our Coastcare Officer is pictured, standing in the big blow-out that was getting bigger by the month! The brush material and sand in the hole will, we hope, stop the sand loss and eventually we will plant Spinifex in this section and stabilise the dune. Geoff and Tim from Apace Nursery are building and repairing two unsafe and damaged ramps, on the north and south of the site. (click on photos to enlarge)

Watch this space for further progress!