The watering team from Hale

Leah, one of our enthusiastic Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers, sent me this post.

“On Friday morning 18 March I spent two delightful hours with volunteers from Coastcare, twenty five Year 6 boys from Hale School along with a couple of teachers and parents.

The exercise was to water some of the young native plants and this was achieved by filling a bucket from a large water container and carrying it to the plants as directed.

It was a joy to interact with these young lads and witness their enthusiasm. Once the procedure was explained they worked diligently to achieve the outcome that had been proposed.

As I watched them happily go about the task, in the most orderly manner I could not help but smile to myself and think: “this group could build the Pyramids”. A credit to all concerned”.

Thanks to Leah for these notes, and a big thank you to Yr 6 teacher Mark Hoppe and colleagues, and all the boys – for a job well done.

After our working session I told the boys about our campaign to have the threatened weedy seadragon granted protected status in Western Australia. Many of the boys knew lots about this wonderful endemic fish. They told me that the male carried the eggs and that they were delicate creatures that were threatened by marine pollution. The boys said that ‘weedies’ should be left in the ocean and should not be collected for aquariums, where they usually die. We agree!!

Some of the boys said they would check out our face book page and give it the ‘thumbs up’. (you will find our petition on facebook)