Sunday sessions

Cottesloe Coastcare’s ‘ Sunday sessions’ are working well. The working bees are held on the first Sunday morning in the month from 9 am to 11 am. Frauke has been a keen organiser of these sessions – a big thank you to Frauke and to Keith.

In this photo you might think that Lindsay is pretending to be a tree to keep the sun off Marion? In fact Lindsay is laying some brush material in eroding sections at Grant Marine Park. Unfortunately some people insist on walking into the restoration area, creating new tracks and destroying plants in the process. We attempt to close off most of these tracks to allow nature to recover.

Marion is burying (female) long leaved spinifex heads in a hope that they will germinate in these sandy exposed patches. Now we will wait for some rain and hope some of the seed germinates and the spinifex plants flourish.

Frauke and Keith are filling buckets for the rest of the team. We water small seedlings that are struggling through a hot and very dry summer. Mostly it is during their first summer when seedlings need some extra water. If they can survive that first summer they usually have developed a sufficient root system to be on their own after year one.

Corinne is giving special attention to some small plants – hopefully she took some time to enjoy the view too. A little different to Corinne’s native land, England. Corinne is keen to do some snorkelling off our beautiful Cottesloe Reef -she will be especially on the look out for our precious weedy seadragons. Good luck Corinne!

Megan very kindly baked the best ever home made biscuits for morning tea – thanks Megan! Here you can see the hard working team enjoying a well earned rest at the end of another successful Sunday session.

Thanks to everyone involved.