Pricewaterhouse Coopers counting plants not beans

Team leader Lesley plus a group of willing workers from Pricewaterhouse Coopers joined Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers on Friday 15th May for a planting and watering session.

The first photo shows us all enjoying a delicious morning tea donated by Daisies Deli on Grant Street, Cottesloe. Many thanks to Ken and Daisies for the best muffins in Australia. You can see Lesley holding on to the tray and keeping everyone at bay, to give me time to take the photo!

We were very worried that the promised rain may not come so we watered the seedlings again which were planted approximately 5 weeks ago. CCA volunteers have been hand watering seedlings (planted in April and May) at Mudurup Rocks and at Cottesloe Native Garden. Let’s hope that some good rain arrives very soon!

At the south-eastern corner of Grant Marine Park was an area of unused lawn. This required constant mowing, fertilising and used lots of water. CCA, working closely with Town of Cottesloe are now returning this area to low local native plants appropriate for the site. After the reticulation was turned off and capped and the grass killed, the site was rotary hoed by council workers. Pedestrians regularly walk across the site so a path was built, using crushed limestone. Then the area was mulched ready for planting.

Planting commenced here on May 15 with help from PriceWaterhouse Coopers. It was hard work digging holes in the old lawn but using mattocks and post hole diggers, plus lots of muscle power we were able to plant approximately 200 local seedlings.

Unfortunately we have a rabbit problem in the area and despite all Council’s efforts to eradicate the rabbits this has not been successful to date. We therefore need to put plant guards on the plants, at least until they become established or else the rabbits would kill the tiny seedlings. A rabbit expert has been employed by Town of Cottesloe so we are ever hopeful that soon we will no longer have constant rabbit damage.

The third photo (below, left) shows young Thomas and his family who came along to give us some support. Thomas and his Auntie Jan did a great job planting some grey cottonheads.

In the fourth photo (below, right) you can see Janet from CCA (QLD division!) with two Council workers, Brett and Andrew, setting up the plant guards.

Thanks to everyone involved for an excellent working bee.