IGA micro-bat box 2

See the previous post – ‘IGA micro-bat box 1‘ to read the first part of this story!

We took some time to find a perfect site for the bat-boxes. The box needs to receive plenty of sun. Also bats need to have a clear flight path when they leave in the evening to feed. Joe told us that one micro-bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes a day! They feed around fresh water and have been observed catching insects around street lights.

There was lots of weedy teatree around the gum tree so the teatree was removed and Coastcare volunteers planted cockies tongues, basket bush and local wattles in it’s place, which we hope, in time will provide habitat for insects for the local birds and bats.

As Joe climed up the tree to about 8 metres the children called out encouragement to him to “hold on tight Joe”, and “be careful Joe, don’t fall”. He safely and expertly attached the two boxes and now we keenly await the arrival of some residents.

Thanks again to IGA for funding the bat boxes and to Roslyn at Seaview kindergarten for her enthusiastic support of the project.

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