IGA micro-bat box 1

The children from Seaview kindy and their teacher Roslyn, joined a couple of us from Cottesloe Coastcare for the bat boxes raising ceremony yesterday.

Drew Randall, from IGA Cottesloe (Eric Street shopping centre) was also there to witness Joe Tonga setting up the boxes.

During the 12 months that IGA Cottesloe and IGA Mosman Park have had their no-single use plastic bag policy, CCA has received the donations that customers put in a tin, when they require paper bags. Some of this money has been used to build and erect the bat boxes.

Joe explained to us all that micro-bats (which are only as big as a house mouse – with wings!) are losing their habitat.

CCA is very keen to restore our local environment where at all possible so we are delighted at the prospect of providing a home to some micro-bats.

Joe has an excellent website with lots on information on bird boxes and bat boxes : http://natsync.com.au

We were all amazed to learn that around 90 bats can live in one box! Joe said that they clustered together tightly to keep warm. He told us that the temperature needs to get up to about 45 degrees centigrade inside the box at breeding time.

One little boy is a real nature lover and wore his (plastic) chameleon, to kindy, strapped on his arm.

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