Future Farm feature

Mike Ewing and his team from Future Farm Industries CRC took a morning out from their normal focus, researching new and adaptable farming systems, to get some hands on experience planting at Dutch Inn. Clearly a well-oiled team, they not only organised superb weather, but also fresh coffee to start the day!

Greg kept the water flowing, while Pollock socialised with the passing parade of people and dogs, and the rest of the team dug (deeply), planted, watered and staked. By the end of the morning some 200 plants, including knotty club rush, berry saltbush and Acacia cyclops, were in place, and Ingrid had the evidence to prove it.

Saltbush, with its ability to withstand drought and survive in saline conditions, is one of the species of perennial plants of interest to FFI CRC. As well, meat from lambs fed with saltbush is said to be tender, tastier and full of flavour. You can read more about FFI CRC at http://www.futurefarmonline.com.au and the work on saltbush at Landline.

Dutch Inn is one of CCA’s original sites and was in need of infill planting to recover some of the areas that had blown out. Cottesloe Coastcare really appreciates the time and effort the FFI CRC team put in to help us restore and protect the natural vegetation of our coastline.