Year 4 Cottesloe botanists

Recently, Year 4 students from Cottesloe Primary with their teachers, Mrs Marion Ewing and Mr Lawrie Prestage, walked to Cottesloe beach to meet Kate Sputore, the North Metro Coastcare Officer and Robyn Benken from CCA. The Norfolk Island pines above Cottesloe’s main beach provided the shady classroom. We learnt about local native plants and how they have adapted for survival on sand dunes, in harsh salt-laden winds.
(Picture: Kate and Year 4’s)

The students completed work sheets on four important dune plant species. The plants we studied are Lepidosperma gladiatum or coast sword sedge, Spinifex longifolius or long-leaved spinifex, Leucophyta brownii or cushion bush and Acacia cyclops or red-eyed wattle. The work sheets prepared by the four teams of students are now up on our website. For more information on these plants and other species local to Cottesloe, go to our website and click on ‘Local plants‘.

The children said that they were looking forward to returning to the outdoor classroom in the winter to plant these species and other seedlings at the new CCA project site on the Bryan Way foredune.

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers are delighted to have on-going partnerships like this one, with dedicated teachers interested in the local natural environment and prepared to share this interest with their students. A big thank you to everyone concerned.