Check out this cheque!

Phil Buzzard, the owner of IGA Mosman Park is pictured with me as he presented Cottesloe Coastcare with a cheque for $1,612.60! This is the contribution IGA’s customers have made to CCA. IGA Mosman Park and IGA Cottesloe have both had a NO PLASTIC BAG policy for the last 9 months. Customers are encouraged to use multiple-use bags or the boxes provided. If shoppers need paper bags it is suggested they may like to give a donation to a community group.

CCA has benefitted from this initiative at both stores as the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland (FoMPB) had not yet formalised when IGA commenced their SAY NO to plastic bags undertaking. The money raised by IGA Mosman Park will now be collected for FoMPB.

Some of the money CCA has received will be used for the construction and erection of two micro-bat boxes in a tall gum tree. Micro-bats are losing their habitat and as they have an important role in our ecosystem, we are hoping to create a small colony in an appropriate piece of bushland. Did you know that one tiny micro-bat can eat 1000 mosquitoes in one day! The remainder of the money will be used to pay a contractor for expert weed control and to pay for local native seedlings which we will plant next winter.

CCA is extremely grateful for both generous donations – from IGA Cottesloe (Eric Street shopping centre) and IGA Mosman Park (off Wellington Street). Special thanks to Phil Buzzard and Drew Randall (IGA Cottesloe).

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