Buckets of donations from IGA

Buckets of Donations: from plastic bags to buckets.

Robyn Benken of Cottesloe Coastcare (CCA) was delighted to receive a cheque for $1,390 from Drew Randall, the owner of Cottesloe IGA. This is the second generous donation Cottesloe Coastcare has received from IGA.

The money has been given by IGA customers when they take a paper bag at the store. CCA is a great supporter of Cottesloe IGA and Mosman Park IGA’s initiative to eliminate the use of single use plastic bags.

The forty new IGA buckets will be used by Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers to hand water 6,500 local seedlings which they planted over the last five months. After such poor winter rains the buckets will be well used this year. The remainder of the donation will pay for seedlings to be planted next autumn and winter.

Robyn said that “volunteers can only continue working towards restoration of the Cottesloe foreshore with on- going community support. The group is therefore extremely grateful to IGA.