Planting for 2017 is well under way.

During our 2017 planting season we have 4000 local provenance seedlings to plant at our various CCA sites. Our newest project site has received funding from Coastwest/WA state government for which we are very grateful. This site is directly on the north side of the main beach grass terraces. It’s a very high profile position but  it’s also very weedy and an eroded site, so much overdue for a restoration effort.

The photos are all from our first planting session, on Sunday 7th May in an area near the Sydney Street beach ramp. Special thanks to the Subiaco Rover Crew who joined us on the day. It was a great session and 300 plants were beautifully planted and watered in well. Thanks to Peter Ewing for the photos.

Subiaco Rovers Crew