Fish or their bones are sometimes found and also the leathery egg-cases of Port Jackson sharks that are spiral shaped and dogfish egg-cases that look like a purse with horns.

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 Common nameScientific nameDescription
Egg Case of a Port Jackson Shark(Chordata: Vertebrata) This is a leathery, spirally-flanged egg-case. The shark twists it into a rock crevice, where the young develop for about a year before hatching. The Port Jackson is a common small shark which is not dangerous except for its venomous dorsal barb. It eats bivalve molluscs.
SeadragonPhyllopteryx taeneolatusThis is the Common or Weedy Seadragon. This species, together with the more spectacular Leafy Sea-dragon, lives among the large seaweeds on our reefs. They are fish and are related to seahorses but without the prehensile tail and brood pouch. The male holds the eggs under his tail after the female has laid them. CCA is working hard to get "weedys" classed as a protected species in WA, as it is in all other Australian states.
GlobefishDiodon nicthemerus
(Chordata: Vertebrata)
This species has a dark grey back, a white belly and yellow spines. It belongs to the group of spiny, slow-moving fish called Porcupine fish. Along with Pufferfish they can inflate their body by ingesting water or air. The flesh is deadly poisonous.