Good news about our latest project

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers were pleased to hear that our recent project application to Coastwest has been successful. We are very grateful to Town of Cottesloe, our partners in this project and to Kate Sputore, the North Metropolitan Coastcare Officer for her advice and invaluable assistance with the project application.

The new project site is at the north end of Cottesloe main beach. The foredune is badly degraded and faces significant human pressures causing erosion, loss of local vegetation and weed invasion.$34,565 will be received by Town of Cottesloe for the project. 60% of the funds will pay for ramp upgrades. the remaining 40% will be spent on fencing, weed control and purchase of 4000 local provenance plants. Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers have committed $15,000 of volunteer labour to the 18 month project.

The present 3-wire fencing at the westernmost side of the dune will be upgraded, which we hope will discourage further human access to this fragile area and allow the dune to naturally rebuild.

Currently two of the access pathways to the main beach are not formal in structure, and as such are unstable and erosive.

The area of dune between the two pathways is almost entirely covered by invasive species with very little native vegetation present. In addition to this, the previous existence of a stormwater drainage pipe in the area has resulted in significant erosion and a minor sand blow out. The Town of Cottesloe has removed this pipe and eliminated any stormwater run-off to the area by installing a soakpit, however the surrounding area is in need of rehabilitation to prevent further erosion and discourage pedestrian access. The installation of formal timber staircases, fencing upgrade, weed eradication and the reintroduction of native coastal vegetation will significantly improve the recreational, environmental and aesthetic values of the area.CCA volunteers will be on the look out for some extra help with the project!