Finding pellitory

After Robyn’s post on native pellitory and butterflies Martin asked if it was possible to get native pellitory seed. That proved harder than expected but then I had a call from Richard from Geographe Community Landcare Nursery and he sent us some seeds to grow. So hopefully our local population of Yellow Admirals can  look forward to a few more “fast food” outlets next year. Here are some more of  Robyn’s photos of the adult Yellow Admiral and larvae feeding on pellitory.

Geographe Community Landcare Nursery is based in Busselton and is a community nursery doing a great job providing local plant species from the area between Capel to Augusta for local revegetation projects and now for home gardens. They have just celebrated their 10th birthday and now grow over 200 local species. Their website contains a wealth of information about local plants and their 2012 nursery  list is now online.

Many thanks to Richard and if any CCA members are down south you can visit the nursery at 366 Queen Elizabeth Avenue, 2 kilometeres south of the Bussleton Bypass. They are open Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 4pm.