The Vlamingh Memorial honours William De Vlamingh who landed in this area on 5 January 1697 and is the southern most point of Cottesloe.

During 2010 – 2011, CCA and Town of Cottesloe received an Australian Government ‘Caring for Country’grant of $20,000 to remove Victorian teatree and re-introduce local plants to an area on the north side of Vlamingh memorial. (Funds were also to be used to build a timber platform for hang gliding, to ease erosion issues but Town of Cottesloe decided not to proceed with this aspect of the project and further dune fencing was done instead).

CCA works in this area every year to maintain the plantings from our last major project in 2005 funded by Coastwest and the Town Of Cottesloe.

This project area is to the north of the area enclosed by the green line.

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During the Caring for Country project 2010 – 11, contractors removed and mulched weedy Victorian tea trees which were a mono-culture on the site. In winter 2010 CCA planted 3,500 seedlings into the tea tree mulch. Hale School students and University of WA guild students gave a very welcome hand at planting time. Volunteers watered seedlings by hand in spring and early summer and have regularly hand weeded the area.

CCA volunteers have continued with small infill planting efforts in winter, as required. In June 2017, UWA students assisted CCA to plant another 200 seedlings, extending the natural plantings a little to the north of the ‘ Caring for Country’  site.

The site was covered by weedy Victorian tea tree



Tea tree cut down and mulched 2010






CCA volunteers planting seedlings in July 2010

!8 months later the plants are growing well at Vlamingh

In fill planting in 2017 – with help from The SPE UWA Student Chapter.

Planted Melaleuca huegelii, flowering beautifully. Visited by native bees and beetles.

Recent view over the site from Vlamingh memorial