Grant Marine Park

Cottesloe Coastcare has been working in Grant Marine Park since 2003. With an ongoing program of weed eradication and replanting, the site has been transformed from a weedy overgrown site to a flourishing habitat for insects, birds and reptiles. Before restoration work started a survey was undertaken and 18 local species identified – 21 local species now grow here .

The project area is enclosed by the green line. There is more information about this project underneath the map.

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Envirofund provided $10,500 for the project which was completed in 2006. 122 volunteers donated 558 hours of work including hand weeding, seed collecting, planting, mulching in spring and hand watering seedlings in summer.

(Before) This is how it looked in 2003 – weedy and overgrown…….

(After) and this is how it looked in 2006

The project also included the development of a North Cottesloe Coastal Management Plan 2005-2010 (PDF 6.2MB, opens in new window).

Local residents now take ownership for the park and have enjoyed watching its transformation from a weed infested, eroded place to an area where a wide variety of local plant species flourish. Most people now use the paths rather than scrambling through the vegetation and people keep their dogs under control and use ‘doggie bags’. Dumping of garden waste in the park has also largely disappeared.

Grant Marine Park

Weed control –  CCA volunteers regularly run hand weeding sessions, particularly in Spring (before seed sets) and in autumn (at sites to be planted in winter). A herbicide contractor has been employed each Spring to target priority bulbous weeds – Black Flag ( Ferraria crispa) & Lachenalia bulbifera ( red soldiers), also couch grass.

Pest control: Rabbit (bait stations with pindone oats) have been used each summer, with good results.

Revegetation – Some plant destruction continues unfortunately – from children playing in the dunes so each year it has been necessary to plant more local native seedlings (all grown from local provenance seed).

  • 2009 – an area of adjacent lawn S/W of the natural area was converted to local native species. CCA volunteers planted 750 seedlings followed by regular weeding sessions. Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Rio Tinto staff assisted us.
  • Also in 2009 – a weed infested verge on the north side of the park was weeded and planted by CCA with 750 seedlings. Scotch College students assisted at this site.
  • We continue to work here regularly and you are very welcome to join us at one of our working bees.

planting in 2007


Same site in 2011






Grant Street verge planting 2009

Grant Street verge in 2012

Area of unused lawn planted with local native plants 2009

Same ex-lawn area in 2012