Bryan Way

Bryan Way was first planted during the winter months of 2007. Volunteers planted 2000 seedlings in the first year at this prominent site on the Cottesloe foreshore. The seedlings were all grown from seed collected from local plants and propagated at Apace Nurseries. Funding of $6,850 for this project came from the Australian Government Envirofund (National Heritage Trust).

The site is now flourishing but requires an occasional weeding and clean up.

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Here’s how things went in the first year…..

April 2007 – Launch of the project

The Hon Julie Bishop officially launched CCA’s latest project. The Minister said “this is CCA’s fifth project which has been funded by the Commonwealth Government, in partnership with Town of Cottesloe”. Read more from our blog.

May 2007 – Painstaking preparations for our precious plants

Before the pleasures of planting, dune restoration requires careful preparation – seeds are collected, cleaned and propagated; weeds removed from the site; rocks, bricks and rubbish bagged and carted away, and brush laid to prevent erosion. Read more on our blog.

9 June 2007 – Premier planting at our new project

Blue sky and a shimmering ocean made the planting of the first 300 seedlings at our new project opposite Bryan Way a pure pleasure. Saturday 9th June was our first day on this project and 14 willing volunteers dug, watered and planted. Read more on our blog.

18 June 2007 – CCA’s mountain goat challenge

A small group of indefatigable mountain goats succeeded in planting some 200 new seedlings on our next planting day. It was a real challenge to dig holes, plant the seedlings and somehow manage to keep the water buckets upright on the hard & rocky, steep slope! Read more on our blog.

2 July 2007 – Angels in the dunes?

The heavens must have thought that angels were coming to help us plant – instead of the rain and wind that was forecast for Wednesday morning the 27th June, we had sunshine and blue skies! Was it because the 52 lovely students from St Mary’s had a special connection to the weather god?! Read more on our blog.

4 July 2007 – Expert planting by Year 4s

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers had the help of Cottesloe Primary Year 4’s, teachers and some enthusiastic parents to plant local seedlings at the Bryan Way foredune. Read more on our blog.

15 July 2007 – A fantastic community effort

Twenty four adults and three children put in a fantastic morning’s work at the Bryan Way foredune, Envirofund project site. We planted 500 local native seedlings and carried water, bucketed out of wheelie bins, up and down the steep dune. The sun shone and it was a glorious, still July morning. Read more on our blog.

Bryan Way dunes were bare when we started in 2007! (note bongo van!)


Three years later – Bryan Way dunes in 2010