Main Beach Dune Project (Coastwest)

Our latest project is the very high profile and degraded dunes of the north side of Indiana Teahouse. Coastwest project #2017023: ‘Restoring the Iconic Cottesloe Coast’ Stage I. CCA received approximately $20,000 from the WA government ‘Coastwest’ projects in mid 2016.

One third of the grant was used to pay contract labour to manually remove weeds and for chemical weed spraying of couch grass. Another 30% paid contractors for matting to stabilise eroded and unstable parts of the site. Town of Cottesloe removed a patch of weedy Victorian tea trees. 1200 local provenance were also funded, as was some signage and fencing.

CCA volunteers have contributed many hours hand weeding and planting the 1200 seedlings. We received assistance at a planting day from a Conservation Volunteers Australia team (the team was funded by Woodside, thanks Woodside!).


Planning the project in April 2016

Sea wheat (Thinipyrum distichum) is a problem weed from South Africa.
CCA volunteers hope we have made a good job of digging it up!

Matting applied to stabilise eroded sections of dune.

Planting volunteers hard at work. One third of the seedlings are Spinifex longifolius, their long roots assist to hold the shifting sand.

Brett and Jade from Town of Cottesloe brought the water truck. The sand was dry and each plant needed watering in. We used wetting agents or Terracottem at the site too.

Adeline and Martin planting using our big hole method!

In August 2017, CCA volunteers were delighted to hear that CCA and Town of Cottesloe will receive funding of a further $8,000 from Coastwest for Stage II of this project. Watch this space for further updates!