Coca-cola’s Grocery WA Team – weeders extraordinaire!

Grocery WA Team Help Preserve the Iconic Cottesloe Beach Ecosystem

As part of CCA’s Sustainability September, the WA Grocery Team volunteered their Tuesday morning to assist Cottesloe Coastcare complete one of the very important, though less glamorous aspect of their role; weeding!

Cottesloe Coastcare is a group of local volunteers who joined together in 1995 to achieve a more robust and diverse ecosystem for the Cottesloe foreshore.

It is important to protect the few remaining natural areas so that everyone can experience and appreciate the local species of animals, plants and birds now and in the future. This is achieved by collecting and propagating local seed, replanting degraded areas, removing invasive weeds and providing walkways through fragile areas.

With prizes up for grabs such as ‘The Biggest Pile of Weeds”, “The Longest Weed Root”, “Cheer Up, It’s Only Weeding” and “Best Attitude in the Team” the Grocery Team divided into four to tackle the invasive weeds.  In an hour and half, thirteen big bags of weeds were removed from the Cottesloe ecosystem with other non-seeding varieties left on the site as mulch.

A big thank you to BDE Renee Tickle for organizing such an important event.

Thanks to Renee for this blog post too. It was a fantastic working bee – two great teams together!