Celebrating 20 years

“Volunteers don’t get paid for what they do, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.”

2015 Celebrating 20 years of Coastcare

In 1995 a small group of locals banded together to form the South Cottesloe Coastcare  Association to to achieve a more robust and diverse ecosystem for the Cottesloe foreshore. In 2001 it became Cottesloe Coastcare and extended its range along the 4 kilometres of the Cottesloe coast. You can read a bit more about our achievements in our article here, from Coastlines Spring 2015.

Over the last twenty years Cottesloe Coastcare has:

Attracted over $300,000 in grant funding to protect and revegetate the dunes by building ramps and fences, eradicating weeds and rabbits and paying for plants.

Planted over 30,000 plants in the natural areas of Cottesloe.

Dug, weeded and watered in all weathers and conditions.

Engaged with the local community at fairs and festivals to help them understand the importance of looking after our natural areas.

Worked with students from schools and universities to give them hands on experience with looking after the coast.

Attracted local sponsors and partnered with corporate groups who have helped us with their labour and funds.

Protected our precious  local wildlife.

Collected mountains of rubbish.

Had hours of fun with a group of like-minded locals who love the Cottesloe coast.