Our first pink fairy!

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers have been hard at work for 21 years to improve Cottesloe’s degraded ‘natural areas’. We are proud of our successes. … [Read more...]

Our planting efforts have started brilliantly!

This year we have 4000 seedlings all grown from local provenance seed (which was collected and cleaned by our volunteers). Two nurseries have grown … [Read more...]

Saving silky scaevola – year 9 of the story

Saving silky scaevola – part 3. During October 2006 I did a plant survey at Cottesloe Native Garden with the naturalist Robert Powell. We found … [Read more...]

Summer Sessions Summary

It has been long and hot summer but as you can see from the photos, Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers keep busy. There is seed to collect - … [Read more...]

Thinking 50 years ahead!

Luise Bussert is a Communication Design Student at Potsdam University, Berlin, Germany. She recently had a 4 month internship at Art Gallery of WA as … [Read more...]