A prickly good news story

Spinifex longifolius (Beach Spinifex) is our most important primary dune sand stabilising plant. It's spreading root network helps hold the sand and … [Read more...]

Terrific Tree Day

Sunday was National Tree Day and we had a terrific turnout at Vlamingh. More than 50 people helped  us plant over 700 plants in our new nature … [Read more...]

Nature Discovery at Cottesloe

We know that many city children have little exposure to their natural world. So CCA volunteers are very excited about our involvement in a restoration … [Read more...]

Our excellent new auger

Hole digging the Cottesloe Coastcare way! For over 20 years we have  worked on the best survival rates for seedlings. In our mostly steep, very … [Read more...]

This is a grasstree!

I came across this amazing photo from 1910, taken near Boyup Brook and published in a book by Helen Hack, The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist. I … [Read more...]