Yellow Admiral butterflies have arrived!

2011 has been a great year for Yellow Admiral butterflies in Cottesloe. In May 2009, with help from Robert Powell, I sewed seed of a local annual - … [Read more...]

Congratulations from Sir David!

Today Cottesloe Coastcare received another lovely letter from Sir David Attenborough!! Just incase you can't read his writing, he says: "What … [Read more...]

Good news about our latest project

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers were pleased to hear that our recent project application to Coastwest has been successful. We are very grateful to Town … [Read more...]

Success – Weedy Seadragons protected in WA!

Friday 24 June 2011 the WA Fisheries Minister announced that weedy seadragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) will be declared a protected species under … [Read more...]

Foundation Day

Last week WA celebrated  Foundation Day commemorating the arrival of the first European settlers in WA in 1829. From an early time people, animals and … [Read more...]