Two more great teams of PwC planters.

Many thanks to Chez Scalise for this blog post and to all the great team from PwC.


Cottesloe Coastcare Association

For some volunteers from the PwC team, we were returning to back to the same site where we helped the incredible team at the Cottesloe Coastcare Association, and for others it was a new opportunity to help the Association in their mission to preserve the local ecosystem.

Bracing the cold morning conditions, we started the day off overlooking a beautiful blue ocean and amidst sand dunes screaming out for restoration. Robyn and the team gave all the new and returning volunteers a detailed rundown of our mission for the day, where we were to plant new seedlings and what plants were considered weeds. Fiercely shivering and eager to engage in some manual labour to warm up, the PwC team went out guns blazing. Special mention to ‘Jeremy’ who attended the day with a torn hamstring. Jeremy labelled himself ‘the site foreman’, with the unique set of landscaping skills he went around critiquing hole depth and plantation method. There were no exceptions noted.


By lunch time the sand dunes we had been planting on was nearly unrecognisable, it had been weeded and covered with freshly planted native species. To our astonishment and delight, we were able to attract walker-bys who were not part of The PwC or Cottesloe Coastcare team, to offer their support where it was safe to do so. Little children and their parents came down onto the dune and we all worked as a determined team.

Joe planting with his Mum

Joe planting with his Mum

The entire PwC team felt it was a pleasure volunteering towards the sustaining of our beaches ecosystem. We had a great day; everybody enjoyed getting dirty and reconnecting with nature which we don’t often see past our computers. A massive thank you to the team at Cottesloe Coastcare, for the opportunity and rewarding us with morning tea and lunch, it was greatly appreciated. PwC is looking forward to monitoring the progress of the plants and returning subsequently to help again.

Chez Scalise

Pricewaterhouse Coopers


Infill planting at Napier St fore dune

May 31 PwC team

May 31 PwC team

We also had three students working with us on May 31 – Lucy sent this note for our blog. Thanks Lucy!
On Friday the 31st of May, Cottesloe Coastcare held a very successful working bee on the Napier Street foredune. The sun came out as many volunteers from Pricewaterhouse Coopers as well as myself, a year eleven Iona Presentation College student, gathered at the beach at 9 o’clock and prepared for a day of dune restoration. Led by the Coastcare team, we planted many local native shrubs. We also weeded out plants from places such as the Mediterranean and South Africa. They do well in Western Australia as we have similar conditions and climate.These weeds can become a monoculture amongst the dunes and cause a severe lack of natural diversity.

We enjoyed a lovely morning tea and lunch, and we were so lucky to have such perfect weather for the day. I really enjoyed helping out with this organisation because it a great way to get outdoors and you can see the good you are doing straight away,  I would really recommend it to any students looking to complete community service.

Lucy Harris,Year 11, Iona Presentation College.


The photo above is of Lucy, Hannah and Isabelle with local native seedlings ready to plant.

Isabelle sent her thoughts about the day too.

Hannah and I had a wonderful time working with Cottesloe Coastcare to restore the Napier Street Foredune on Friday the 31st of May. The day consisted of planting native seedlings and removing harmful weeds from the sand dune to encourage a stronger vegetation system to reduce erosion and to bring native fauna to the area. We were lucky enough to enjoy great weather and a fantastic morning tea and lunch on the day! Not only did we have a lot of fun planting and learning about our local beach environment, we also found it very rewarding to see that our work would really make a difference in restoring the beach ecosystem. It was also lovely to make new friends and to feel part of a great team of Coastcarers, and we really encourage everyone to get involved in future Coastcare sessions! We really appreciated being able to take part in this session and we look forward to helping out again! 
Thank you Robyn,
Isabelle and Hannah.
On June 12th we had a third team from Pricewaterhouse Coopers join CCA volunteers for a planting session. We finished our 2013 planting at the Napier Street beach dunes site.
On June 12th  all CCA planting records were broken! After lunch the groups sent me off to the Depot to collect more seedlings! In the end the very hard working team planted a whopping 700 seedlings during the day. This also included weeding and watering all the seedlings by bucket. Thanks very much to everyone!