Another great PwC team

We had another terrific bunch of workers from PwC at Mudurup last week. Thanks  to Tom Durkin for this blog post and to the rest of the team for their help in keeping our plants alive – your support really helps….

PWC Mudurup Nov 2013 crop

On Thursday morning the Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Vacationer team made it down to Cottesloe Beach to lend a hand to Cottesloe Coastcare Association (CCA). Though Cottesloe Beach is a favourite summer spot for many of us, this was a unique chance to contribute towards the maintenance of such a picturesque ecosystem.

We arrived and started off the morning with a briefing about the significance of the site at Mudurup Rocks to the community and particularly to Aboriginal groups in the area. The volunteers from Cottesloe Coastcare explained that this area is adversely affected by the strong winds coming from the ocean and required constant upkeep. Our job for the day was to water the plants throughout the area. They ranged from new seedlings to well established bushes. With summer coming up this was going to be  “the last drink”  for many of them. To make sure that the water made it all the way to the roots of the plant, ridges had to be created around them so that water didn’t simply run down the slope.

Some Vacationers from PwC helped out in other areas. This included trying out seeding with one of the more experienced volunteers from CCA and taking over the hose and filling up buckets to ensure we all had enough water to supply to the plants.

In the end it was a great morning with everyone getting involved and really enjoying themselves. This could have been because it was our first chance for a couple of weeks to get off our computers and into the outdoors! A big thank you must go to the volunteers and organisers from CCA for all their help and for providing some well-earned refreshments. I’m sure we will all keep an eye out for how successful our efforts were next time we are at Cottesloe Beach.