About Cottesloe Coastcare Association (CCA)

Cottesloe Coastcare is a group of local volunteers who joined together in 1995 to achieve a more robust and diverse ecosystem for the Cottesloe foreshore. We are still hard at work!

We believe it is important to protect the few remaining natural areas so that everyone can experience and appreciate our local species of animals, plants birds, now and in the future. We do this by collecting and propagating local seed, replanting degraded areas, removing invasive weeds and providing walkways through fragile areas.

We always welcome volunteers to join us in maintaining and improving the condition of our fragile coast. Please feel free to come along to any of our working bees or events. You could even help us without getting your hands dirty.

You can join our email list by sending a message to info@cottesloecoastcare.org You will be notified of all upcoming events.


We have been fortunate to attract funding from the following sponsors:

The Management Committee is made up of 10 local residents along with one Council representative and the North Metropolitan Coastcare Officer. Meetings are usually held monthly.