Cottesloe Blues!

Cottesloe Blues!
One of the many reasons that we volunteers toil away revegetating the sand dunes is to provide habitat for animals and birds. We have had reports of Variegated fairy-wrens at some of our sites, and a recently confirmed sighting of White-browed scrub Wrens at Cottesloe Native Garden. Now the great joy of seeing the beautiful male White-winged Fairy-wren in his breeding plumage. He was with a group of immatures or females, they have sandy brown and off white feathers. They were all flitting among the fan flowers on the dunes.

This year the common local Fan Flower (Scaevola crassifolia) is putting on a beautiful show. Most of the plants flower in shades of blue but some plants in Swanbourne are white flowering (see the photo).

Just to show you two of our sites where the Fan flowers are flowering profusely at present. First is the Napier Street dunes area in early 2016 – when we started out here.

And here is the same site – today with all the flowering fan flowers.

Another site which is showing the positive effects of volunteers love of the coast is near Sydney Street ramp.You can see the bare area when we started planting 30 months ago.

And here is the site today, December 2018 complete with new fence.

Just two more photos of our beautiful new Cottesloe resident!