Expert planting by Year 4s

Today, Wednesday 4th July, Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers had the help of Cottesloe Primary Year 4’s, teachers and some enthusiastic parents to plant local seedlings at the Bryan Way foredune Envirofund project site.

(Picture: Kate Sputore, The North Metro Coastcare Officer with students)

When we started work at 8.45am there was some rain and it was chilly and windy but you can see from the photos that everyone was eager to get to work and about 300 local native seedlings were expertly planted and watered in.

The students had an earlier session with Coastcare (click here to see our earlier posting) when we all learnt about how some local plants have adapted to living in the harsh sand dune environment. Today we were all very impressed to hear that many of the children remembered information from their earlier lesson.

Year 4 students at work

One of the local residents of the foredune, which we dug up ( and carefully returned to its sandy home), is this lizard pictured, a West coast line-spotted lerista.

The lizard is an accomplished sand swimmer and many of the small snake-like tracks we see on the beach and dunes are caused by this lizard moving beneath the surface.