Cottesloe Native Garden

Cottesloe Native Garden has been a project area for Cottesloe Coastcare since 2006. It is a special place as it is the only site in Cottesloe where there is such richness of local native remnant plant species. The limestone outcrops through the site provide a special habitat to many plant species which grow on no other sites in our town.

The project area is enclosed by the green line. There is more information about this project underneath the map.

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Mary and Eddie Edwards were the first to care for this patch of remnant vegetation and weeded and planted with a small group of volunteers in the early 1980’s. The children of Seaview Kindergarten also planted here.

In 1983 the naturalist Robert Powell identified 37 local native plant species. In October 2006 30 local plants remained, despite massive weed infestation. Among the remaining plants, 8 species  had less than 6 specimens remaining. For one very beautiful species Scaevola anchusifolia,  the sole remaining plant in Cottesloe was in Cottesloe Native Garden. We are delighted to report that with the help of Kings Park and Botanic Garden, cuttings were taken and eight plants were grown. One stock plant was given to ‘Nuts about Natives Nursery’ in Beenup. Seven other silky scaevola seedlings were planted in Cottesloe Native Garden near the solo parent plant and are flourishing. Read more on our blog here.