Mudurup Rocks (the place of the yellow finned whiting) is the limestone promontory on the sea side of the Cottesloe Surf Club. It is an important Aboriginal site. The area surrounds the sundial on the southern side of the rocks and has wonderful views across the Cove and south to Fremantle. (See map below).

CCA has been planting here for many years. In 2009/10  Synergy and Landcare partnered with CCA and the Town of Cottesloe to restore the weed infested, untidy and eroded sections of Mudurup Rocks and thousands of plants were planted in autumn and winter of 2010.

Seed was collected from the site   and we were delighted to have Ben Croxford of ‘Nuts about Natives Nursery’ join us with his special knowledge and skills. Ben was able  to grow some of the more difficult to grow local species. For some species there are so few local plants remaining that it is difficult to get enough viable seed. Ben takes plant divisions or cutting material and is building up a small collection of stock plants at his nursery for CCA. He is then able to take cuttings to grow plants for us to plant out next year. Other seedlings were for CCA by APACE Nursery, Fremantle.

The project area is area to the south of the green line.

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