Coastal foredune

The coastal foredune is an important ecosystem for Cottesloe and stretches from North St to Vlamingh Memorial in the South. There have been several Coastwest, Envirofund and Lotterywest sponsored projects along this fragile strip since Cottesloe Coastcare’s inception in 1995.

Approximately 23,000 local seedlings have been planted by volunteers during that time, stabilising sand blows, replacing weeds and enhancing local biodiversity. Where appropriate, beach access ramps and fences channel pedestrian access and protect the fragile dunes and vegetation.

In 2006-2006 a grant of $30,000 was received from Coastwest, and the Town of Cottesloe contributed a similar sum, for the construction of two magnificent boardwalks. One boardwalk is in North Cottesloe, for access to the south end of the dog beach and fishing sites.

The second boardwalk has replaced an old and unsafe ramp at Warton Street in South Cottesloe. Both boardwalks were built for us by APACE, North Fremantle.

A photo taken recently of restored local vegetation on the foredune near Sydney Street. A CCA project during 2000-2002 involved building an access ramp and planting 2000 local seedlings near this site. The project was funded by National Heritage Trust (NHT), with support from Town of Cottesloe and all voluntary labour from Cottesloe Coastcare.

The popular and well used timber access ramp at Isolator surf beach. This was a 2001-2002 Coastwest and Town of Cottesloe sponsored Coastcare project, built after consultation with the surfing and wider community.