Napier Street Dunes – Stage II

As you can read in our Stage I story, we were pleased with the aesthetic, dune stabilisation and environmental successes of the project, so – with support from Town of Cottesloe we continue our endeavours at this highly visited stretch of the central Cottesloe foreshore. (2015 – 2017)

The next section on the north side of our restored site was just as degraded and weed infested as its neighbouring dune! However, the dune slope is very steep and once weeds are removed the slope can become increasingly unstable and prone to erosion, before the new plants stabilise the site. Considering this  Town of Cottesloe employed a contractor ‘ Syrinx’ and a brilliant job was done of weed control and matting the area with biodegradable matting, pinned down with pins made from rice starch. After about 2 years the matting will gradually break down and simply add a little organic matter to the site! Syrinx also cut and dug 1000 holes for us, in the matting – never before have we volunteers received such luxury pre-planting!

Project area before weeding commenced April 2015


Weeding done and matting laid in April 2016

Craig Wilson (Sth Metro Coastcare officer) teaching us how to erect a temporary fence

Adeline and CVA volunteer applying the required tension!

Martin preparing to plant coastal daisy bush on the steep matted slope. May 2016

The community planting team 2016.

Here is the same site in June 2017 – after more weed control – CCA and Conservation Volunteers Australia volunteers planted another 1000 seedlings. Look at the growth of our local dune plants in just 12 months!

A Nankeen Kestrel above Napier St dunes as we worked one day! A beautiful sight.